Q :  1. What does an Academic Session represent?
 A :  AN ACADEMIC SESSION represents the period commencing from the first scheduled class attended by a student to the specified time of completion of the specific course for which the student has been admitted.
 Q :  2. Would I get a certificate after the completion of all the subjects?
 A :  Every course leads to the award of a CERTIFICATE subject to the fulfilment of all the requirements.
 Q :  3. When is an admission confirmed?
 A :  An applicant's admission to a course is confirmed for a particular batch only on the payment of the admission fee along with the submission of the prescribed application form, two passport size photographs and Xerox copies of mark-sheet for 10th, 10+2 and Graduation.
 Q :  4. Would my admission to a course be transferrable?
 A :  An admission to a course is not transferable to any other individual.
 Q :  5. What is the use of an identity/swipe card?
 A :  Identity/Swipe Cards are issued to the students on registration. A student will not be allowed to attend classes or appear for any examination if he/she is unable to produce his/her identity card.
 Q :  6. How are the courses conducted?
 A :  Each course is conducted according to pre-defined course targets which are communicated to the students through the Notice Board. These targets define the date, time and venue of all major activities during the course.
 Q :  7. How important is the attendance?
 A :  Students are expected to maintain 100% attendance along with the batch allocated/admitted to get the full benefit of the course.
 Q :  8. How does an upgradation in the course affect my curriculum?
 A :  Any upgradation made in the course is binding on all the students. NO COURSE DEGRADATION will be allowed at any point of time.
 Q :  9. When is the Library card issued?
 A :  On payment of the admission fees each student will be issued a Library Card.
 Q :  10. What are the criteria to pass an examination?
 A :  A student has to score minimum 50% marks to pass a subject. A student will get only 2 additional chances of re-examination by paying a re-examination fee of Rs. 50/-.
 Q :  11. What is the procedure for course completion?
 A :  For Course completion the student has to appear & clear the exams of all modules pending within 1(one) month from the date of course completion else the student will not be allowed to appear for further exams & he/she will neither get the certificate nor Job Guarantee. It is also the centre's responsibility to ensure that the student completes the same in the given time limit.
 Q :  12. Can I appear for an examination more than once?
 A :  Any student once qualified in the Exams cannot appear for the second time for that particular topic/module. However if the candidate wants to appear for the second time to improve his marks can do so by requesting the centre to Unblock his name & to allow him to reappear by paying `50/- as re-examination fee. The last marks will be the final evaluation & he will not be allowed to sit for the third time even if he fails in the second chance. Upgradation Exam is totally at the risk of the candidate and in case he fails in a subject he will not be qualified for Job Guarantee Criteria.
 Q :  13. What are the consequences if I fail to appear for an examination?
 A :  In case of absence, a student is allowed to appear for the examination by paying an absentee fee of Rs. 200/-. If a student is found using unfair means during the exam, his registration will be permanently cancelled or a penalty of Rs. 300/- will be levied on him/her.
 Q :  14. Would I get the certificate just after the completion of my course?
 A :  A student will not be awarded any Certificate unless amount lying due on account is cleared.
 Q :  15. What are the consequences if I am unable to attend the classes for a certain period of time?
 A :  The registration of the student stands cancelled if he/she remains absent for two weeks or more consecutively, without any written permission from the Centre-in-Charge. However, the grant of leave depends solely on the discretion of the Centre-in-Charge. The Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances even if otherwise applicable, if the registration of the student is cancelled due to absence.
 Q :  16. What are the criteria to revive my admission?
 A :  A student, if remains absent for more than two weeks without prior written permission and is interested to continue with the institute, he/she has to take re-admission by paying Rs. 1000/- + Service Tax, as re-admission fee. If the absence continues for more than 3 months, the student’s registration will be cancelled and he/she will have to take a fresh admission by paying admission fees & the amount as may be applicable then.
 Q :  17. What are the consequences if I lose my Identity Card?
 A :  In case of a loss of the identity card, a duplicate Identity Card shall be issued on request by a written application against a payment of Rs.100/-.
 Q :  18. How can I make proper use of the identity card issued to me?
 A :  All students who are members of the library can borrow only one book at a time for a maximum duration of 7 days (inclusive of holidays). In case the library card is misplaced/lost, a duplicate card will be issued against a payment of Rs.50/-.
 Q :  1. Are there any instalment schemes to pay my course fees?
 A :  A registered student must pay the entire Course Fee prior to the commencement of the course. However for some of its courses, ICA offers payment facilities by INSTALMENT.
 Q :  2. What is the last day of paying my fees in case of instalment?
 A :  Instalment Fees must be paid on or before the 10th day of Calendar month thereafter a penalty of Rs. 100/- per week would be levied and also the student may also be debarred from attending the classes if he/she does not remit the fee. After 30 days the students would be dropped out and thereafter re-admission fees of Rs. 1000+ Tax would be charged. If the grace period ends on a holiday, all payment must be paid by the previous working day.
 Q :  3. Are there any other rules to be followed with respect to the instalment feespayment?
 A :  Instalment fees have to be paid in ADVANCE by all candidates for the month(s) where leave is intended to be taken. This is COMPULSORY, failing which the candidate’s registration will be cancelled.
 Q :  4. Are the course fees refundable?
 A :  Course fees once paid will not be refundable under any circumstances.
 Q :  5. What is the procedure of making a payment?

a) All payment should be made against money receipt generated from E.R.P. and must have hologram or through bank challan (as applicable)
b) All DD / Cheque should be issued in favour of "The Institute of Computer Accountants" only if payment is made otherwise, ICA will not be responsible for same.
c) Every candidate may look their fee status on student home page at --> Student Log in.
d) Student can log in through ID with student code and password with their name.
e) All payment made to ICA will be reflected within 7 days on student home page.
f) Any claim for payment made to any ICA staff, if not reflected within 10 days in student home page, should be informed to CRM through mail ( within 7 days otherwise ICA will not responsible for any such claim of payment.
g) Course Fee as shown in student home page is final. If student finds any deviation, he/she must report to CRM within 7 days of admission. After that ICA will not entertain any claim.
h) All communication will be sent by ICA to student through mail. You are requested to check your registered mail regularly.
 Q :  1. What are the Job Guarantee clauses?
 A :  Job Guarantee Clause

a) All examinations of each subject are needed to be passed.
b) Total Fee as per student home page has been paid.
c) Student must have 90% attendance in class.
d) Only CIA & CIA Plus courses are Job Guaranteed.
e) Maximum age of the candidate on the date of admission should not exceed 30 years.
 Q :  2. What are the ATJ Card clauses?
 A :  ATJ (Any Time Job) Card Clause:-

a) ATJ Card will be issued to the students who have taken admission in CIA & CIA Plus only.
b) ATJ Card will be issued to the students only after completion of the course and student has passed all modules of their course.
c) ATJ card will be valid for one year from the date of issue.
d) If a student wants to renew the ATJ card facility after expiry, the student have to appear for an entrance examination by paying a fee of `1000. After passing the entrance examination, student will get a new card which will be valid for next one year.